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From David Starina <>
Subject Re: Release
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2015 15:51:33 GMT
Hi guys,

Do you have any specific release date in mind? Guys at Bigtop are planning
an april release, is there any chance there will be a Hadoop 2.x compatible
Mahout release by then to be included with Bigtop?

On Sunday, March 15, 2015, Pat Ferrel <> wrote:

> Lots of discussion off the record about doing a release but shouldn’t we
> plan this?
> What has to be in a release of Mahout 0.10?
> Seems like we could release as-is but it would be nice to have some of the
> already completed work that isn’t committed yet:
> * mrlegacy refactored out of scala, is it possible to get this in Dmitriy?
> One question is how to package, with which version of Spark. There is a
> bug in Spark 1.2.1 and I think in 1.2 (this is the big distro build) that
> requires any class that uses the JavaSerializer to set a specific SparkConf
> key/value to point to the guava jar on all workers. This only effects
> IndexedDatasets since they use Guava’s BiMap. Rumor has it that 1.3 fixes
> this but I haven’t tried it yet.
> So we are currently stuck on 1.1.1 but could document how to work around
> to use 1.2 for a user who want’s to build Mahout from scratch. A user
> source build on 1.3 may not require a work around. We seem to be good on
> hadoop 2.x, which in itself is a good reason to release since 0.9 was not.
> What else needs to be done:
> * rename module math-scala to core?
> * create the distribution build. Currently this does not publish the
> scaladocs and does not create artifacts for H2O or and Scala.
> * is H2O really in a form to publish?
> Docs
> * IMO we should name the Mahout Spark-Scala DSL and shell. More unique
> names are easier to find in searches. Maybe Suneel can polish off his
> sanskrit and suggest something.
> * we should be ready to do some work here to restructure the CMS since it
> is very 0.9 centric with Scala stuff almost an afterthought.

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