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From Andrew Palumbo <>
Subject drmFromHDFS rowLabelBindings question
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 17:36:43 GMT
I'm having some trouble getting the rowLabelBindings from a Sting-keyed (Chekpointed...Spark)Drm
from read in from HDFS.  I'm reading in a sequence file of form <Text,VectorWritable>
which is output from  seq2sparse.  The Drm has 7598 rows and the vectors seem to be read in
properly.  When I try to get a Map using getRowLabelBindings(), I get back a Map of size 1.

The single key/value pair in that map is consistent with what I would expect:    
      k = /talk.religion.misc/84570, v = 7597 
(the last row..)  I don't know why I'm not getting entries for the rest of the rows.  I've
been looking through drmWrap() and drmFromHdfs() and don't see where/if rowLabelBindings is
being set except in collect() (I'm very likely missing something because of my bad scala understanding).

Is there a different way to get a map of key/rowIndex?

Ultimately I'm working from the math-scala package, so I can't do anything specific with RDDs.

Below is where I'm hitting trouble shown in the Spark-Shell.

Any Input is appreciated.  Thanks, 


mahout> val drmTFIDF= drmFromHDFS( path = "/tmp/mahout-work-andy/20news-test-vectors/part-r-00000")
drmTFIDF: org.apache.mahout.math.drm.CheckpointedDrm[_] = org.apache.mahout.sparkbindings.drm.CheckpointedDrmSpark@6e200e2d
mahout> drmTFIDF.nrow
res0: Long = 7598
mahout> val drmRowLabelBindings:java.util.HashMap[String,Integer] = new java.util.HashMap(drmTFIDF.getRowLabelBindings)

drmRowLabelBindings: java.util.HashMap[String,Integer] = {/talk.religion.misc/84570=7597}

mahout> val incoreTFIDF=drmTFIDF.collect
incoreTFIDF: org.apache.mahout.math.Matrix = 
  2770  =>    {40894:3.706777572631836,25040:5.326602935791016,63527:7.625180244445801,30072:9.138689994812012,75991:2.7672300338745117,91042:1.964722752571106,85483:5.487469673156738,45764:4.326903343200684,83215:2.904540777206421,25284:4.734808444976807,90958:3.0112483501434326,29565:7.410068988800049,60779:6.3667192459106445,91156:1.6616008281707764,92814:2.255286693572998,23763:4.0394415855407715,7067:12.395035743713379,61058:6.993908405303955,55483:9.745443344116211,43286:3.622220039367676,65462:4.295836925506592,43535:1.5242335796356201,34898:6.624548435211182,66572:8.541470527648926,64323:2.1623659133911133,58008:3.128486394882202,33351:3.3363659381866455,36587:4.08017110824585,74747:2.935668706893921,38val

mahout> val incoreRowLabelBindings:incoreRowLabelBindings:java.util.HashMap[String,Integer]
= new java.util.HashMap(incoreTFIDF.getRowLabelBindings)
incoreRowLabelBindings: java.util.HashMap[String,Integer] = {/talk.religion.misc/84570=7597}

mahout> incoreTFIDF.nrow
res1: Int = 7598

mahout> incoreRowLabelBindings.size
res3: Int = 1

mahout> drmTFIDF.nrow
res5: Long = 7598

mahout> drmRowLabelBindings.size
res4: Int = 1
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