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From Dmitriy Lyubimov <>
Subject Re: H2O integration - intermediate progress update
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2014 16:36:01 GMT
Well, let me tell my impression.

Remember, we started  talking impressions here all over the place, not
facts. So *don't ask me to prove anything.*

i have an impression that mr. Dunning has masterfully concealed a very
targeted insult in his carefully worded statement with the sole purpose of
forcing certain participants to go into defensive and to turn a technical
discussion into trading insults, in which he has obviously partially

I have an impression this has not been an isolated incident on mr.
Dunning's part in the past, and i have strong suspicion that it was the
wrong balance of technical merit and posturing in the project that drove
more than one accomplished committer or candidate out in the past.

I also have been receiving an impression that  I am  next such target on
mr. Dunnings part just because my arguments are not technically favorable
where he needs them to be favorable for whatever other-than-technical
reason. I love the code in the project, that's in part why i am candid in
its discussions, but it is repeated agrumentum ad hominem  from mr. Dunning
that is very close to driving me out. And I don't think beers can smooth

As for welcoming, well, h2o  is not exactly new topic here. I also think we
need to have some bar for proposals to meet regardless of being welcoming.

Finally, I have an impression everybody has areas where they possess  less
than brilliant expertise; i actually like to say about myself that "it
pains me how little i know". I have no problem identifying areas of
weaknesses in myself publicly and don't consider this to be offensive,
since i know that the only way to improve  knowledge is to first know where
it is lacking. I am very perceptive to strong logical argument regardless
if it fits my current world view or not. But I am particularly not fond of
rhetorical fallacies, informal ones in particular. I am not very fond of
marketing bluff or empty PR.  It is a personal choice whether you accept
that mindset or not, but grading areas of weakness is not an insult. That's
what they do in universities all the time, after all.

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