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From Sebastian Schelter <>
Subject Website, urgent help needed
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2014 07:03:47 GMT

As you've probably noticed, I've put in a lot of effort over the last 
days to kickstart cleaning up our website. I've thrown out a lot of 
stuff and have been startled by the amout of outdated and incorrect 
information on our website, as well as links pointing to nowhere.

I think our lack of documentation makes it superhard to use Mahout for 
new people. A crucial next step is to clean up the documentation on 
classification and clustering. I cannot do this alone, because I don't 
have the time and I'm not so familiar with the background of the algorithms.

I need volunteers to go through all the pages under "Classification" and 
"Clustering" on the website. For the algorithms, the content and claims 
of the articles need to be checked, for the examples we need to make 
sure that everything still works as described. It would also be great to 
move articles from personal blogs to our website.

Imagine that some developer wants to try out Mahout and takes one hour 
for that in the evening. She will go to our website, download Mahout, 
read the description of an algorithm and try to run an example. In the 
current state of the documentation, I'm afraid that most people will 
walk away frustrated, because the website does not help them as it should.


PS: I will make my standpoint on whether Mahout should do a 1.0 release 
depend on whether we manage to clean up and maintain our documentation.

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