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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Going emeritus
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2012 09:10:56 GMT
All, I think that the pieces of Mahout that I have any working
knowledge of have reached roughly the state they're going to reach, as
reasonably stable and mature. I don't personally have plans or
motivation to update or add to it significantly in Mahout. Because of
this, and because I am short on the time to make changes here, I don't
intend to put any significant work into the project going forward. I
think it's right to reflect that by "going emeritus". I don't know if
that means something formally, other than to say I don't mind not
voting on project issues and having commit access since those things
should belong to active members only. We can mange any process

I would still like to stay on the mailing lists to answer questions of
course, which is most all I am doing anyway. So, not much really
changes except to perhaps set expectations (in JIRA, notably)


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