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From Isabel Drost <>
Subject Re: Build failed in Jenkins: Mahout-Examples-Cluster-Reuters #74
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 21:21:48 GMT
On 17.03.2012 Paritosh Ranjan wrote:
> Is there any way to test this build before commit? The trunk is building
> successfully and till now, that's all I check before commit. How do I
> test this build before commit?

As far as I know "all" you have to do is to use the same commands that Jenkins 
uses to trigger the build*. Don't know at the top of my head which options it 
uses, you should be able to find out by going to Jenkins, selecting our build 
and clicking configure (you need to be logged into Jenkins for that) or 
selecting the last build that failed and looking at its console output.

From just briefly scanning the output it looks like after successfully 
triggering the maven build it fails when executing the 


* Obvious other culprits for Jenkins behaving differently than you local box are 
different network settings, different maven versions, different settings.xml, 
different java version, screwed up local maven repositories on either side and 
such - however I don't think neither of those is particularly likely in this 

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