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From Isabel Drost <>
Subject Re: GSOC 2012
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 21:10:55 GMT
On 19.03.2012 Dirk Weissenborn wrote:
> What could be possible projects for this year?

General advise would be to look for open JIRA issues. There are a few known 
issues with existing implementations. Also for some algorithms integration and 
API design could be improved. In the end the general advise on how to contribute 
and become a committer applies: Find a topic that you are yourself interested in 
and work on that.

> Or should the student
> provide a proposal for an improvement?

From previous experience students who came up with their own proposals have been 
most successful - both in applying but also in succeeding. Keep in mind to limit 
the scope of your project to a manageable size: You can only design, test, 
implement, document and provide examples for so much code.

> I would probably be interested in
> working on a project for this years GSOC. I am also currently in contact
> with dbpedia spotlight developers for GSOC. They are interested in a
> topical classifier for a given plaintext. I saw, that something similar was
> already implemented in mahout.

I think working on the intersection of two projects could be valuable for both 
sides. Sounds like an interesting idea to me.


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