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From Manuel Blechschmidt <>
Subject Re: Patch : Formatting
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2011 16:21:22 GMT
Hi Paritosh,

> Hi,
> How can I submit the patch in the format used by Mahout? I can't find anything on this
on the "How to Contribute" Page.

But take care about the following points

	• All public classes and methods should have informative Javadoc comments.
	• Code should be formatted according to Sun's conventions (,
with one exception:
        	• indent two spaces per level, not four.
	• Contributions should pass existing unit tests.
	• New unit tests ( should be provided to demonstrate bugs and fixes.

On 31.10.2011, at 17:00, Paritosh Ranjan wrote:

> I use eclipse as IDE and generally I format my code using a formatter.xml, but I don't
find formatter.xml in Mahout.

So you only have to set the formatting style go:  Java Convention and use 2 spaces instead
of tabs.

> Can someone help me?

After doing this you can create a JIRA issue and attach the formatter.xml for everybody else
to use.

Further here is a patch checklist:

> Thanks and Regards,
> Paritosh


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