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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: issues found
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 10:20:18 GMT

On Aug 31, 2009, at 2:55 AM, Ted Dunning wrote:

> I just did an exercise of implementing a faster sparse vector.  In the
> process, I uncovered a bunch of warts.  I will be filing some Jiras  
> and
> patches as soon as I can get to them, but here is a preview:
> a) most serialization code for vectors would write vectors with null  
> names
> out as if they had names of "".  This causes grief in tests and  
> seems wrong.
> b) the Vector/SparseVector hierarchy was oddly split out.  I added a
> HashVector and moved the current SparseVector into  
> IntDoubleMappingVector
> with SparseVector remaining as an abstract class.  This  
> unfortunately caused
> lots of upheaval even up into the Vector class.  I have yet to sort  
> this out
> cleanly.
> c) the squared distance functions were defined in multiple places.  I
> centralized these into SquaredEuclideanDistance as a static  
> function.  These
> definitions also were wrong and would ignore any components that had
> opposite sign and equal magnitude.  In fixing this, I went ahead and  
> wrote
> an implementation that makes use of any sparsity present.  To do  
> that, I
> added a method to Vector so that I could tell if a vector is  
> sparse.  This
> subsumes all of the distance optimizations that we have discussed.   
> It also
> makes it very easy for new code to use these optimizations without  
> knowing
> about them.
> d) the nonZeroIterator had to be substantially refactored to work in  
> an
> abstract class without knowing to much about the internals of  
> everything.
> e) in order ot make sure that all metrics worked reasonably with all  
> types,
> I have heavily refactored the testing structure for metrics.  I will  
> be
> doing more of this as well.  The goal is to test all vector types  
> against
> all distance metrics to make sure that they give the same results as
> DenseVector.  Then, I will build tests for DenseVector to verify  
> that it
> produces the correct result.  This is important because so many  
> vectors have
> special code to help metric computation.
> f) I have uncovered some strangeness in the ARFF I/O code that I  
> introduced
> with the SparseVector abstraction.  The old code will work as it  
> did, but it
> won't understand the new HashVector.
> Soo....
> I will be trying to break this down into as small a pieces as I can,  
> but the
> total will be a bunch of interdependent patches.  If anybody can  
> help me
> apply these as quickly as possible, we should have minimal problems  
> with it
> all.  If it drags out, it will get hard to keep rebasing the patch  
> sequence
> all the time.

These all sound reasonable.  If you're happy w/ the changes, just put  
up a big patch on an issue, give it a few days to percolate and then  

> -- 
> Ted Dunning, CTO
> DeepDyve

Grant Ingersoll

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