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From "Jeff Eastman" <>
Subject RE: Package Structure
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 20:06:48 GMT
It's the same old tension between design and evolution: If these packages will be implemented
serially by mostly the same people, then they will likely follow their own precedents and
order will follow. If the packages will be implemented in parallel by different sub-teams;
however, then it might become chaotic unless there is an initial structure from which parallel
leaf growth can occur. 

I'm fine with either approach but it seems like a good time to have this conversation. No
matter how we accomplish it, some uniformity and consistency will be helpful for our users.

For me, I have a problem that involves clustering and dimension reduction so I will probably
start my odyssey in those branches.


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From: Ted Dunning [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 11:28 AM
Subject: Re: Package Structure

I wouldn't build out skeletons until somebody starts doing the code.  Pick
ONE algorithm and do it up and then document it as a sample.  Let the
implementers of various algorithms do their thing.

There is nothing worse to read than a whole lot of code that doesn't
actually do anything.

On 2/5/08 9:09 AM, "Jeff Eastman" <> wrote:

> I'm looking at the package structure in SVN and it begs for additional
> structure. Something like the following seems obvious but needs discussion
> since it involves naming conventions. I'd be happy to generate driver, map and
> reducer classes in Eclipse just to have some skeletons where real code could
> be added later, and also create similar structure in the test branch. It's
> just administrative work, turning the crank, but somebody needs to do it and
> I'd like to volunteer.
> org.apache.mahout.
>   classification.
>     naïve_bayes.
>     svm.
>     neural_net
>   clustering.
>     k_means.
>     em.
>   regression.
>     lwlr.
>     lr.
>   dimension.
>     pca.
>     ica.
>     gda.
>   non_mr.
>     hmm.
>     rl.
> Jeff

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