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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Mahout for NLP?
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 22:18:31 GMT

On Jan 30, 2008, at 3:51 PM, Thilo Goetz wrote:

> Great, thanks!  I have since found the Mahout incubator proposal,
> which also talks about NLP and mentions UIMA.  I really like that
> text, and it looks like a lot of work went into it.  Why not put
> (some of) it on the Mahout website?

Yep, definitely something we are transitioning to as we get rolling  
here.  I don't have any plans to take down the startup site, though,  
so it should be around for a good long time.

And, yes, I second Isabel's sentiment that we are glad to have some  
UIMA folks snooping around, as I definitely think we will want to  
integrate w/ UIMA at some point.

We have also talked about implementing POS taggers in Mahout, but  
nothing concrete as of yet.  I know Steve Rowe has an interest in a  
Brill implementation, for example.  Mostly, our initial 10 algorithms  
that we picked should be thought of as seeds to form a community of  

As I see it, Mahout is big enough for a lot of quality approaches,  
and, eventually, we should be a TLP once it has obtained a level of  
maturity.   The key, of course, is what us, the community,  
contributes.  After becoming a TLP, we will obtain world domination as  
the machines take over...  :-)


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