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From "Steve Rowe" <>
Subject (De-)serializing collections/datasets
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 22:37:50 GMT
A while back, Karl Wettin said[1]:

> Coming from Weka's immensely bloated ARFF instances implementation,
> I would like to see a really, really, really abstract solution. So if
> possible I would prefere that collections was something introduced in
> a layer further up. That way the consumer gets to choose what solution
> is best at any given environment. JFC, raw data in a NIO-buffer, some
> sort of stream, or what not.

I think this is a critical area for pre-coding design.

I made a section on the main Wiki page for Design, and added under it a link to a new whiteboard
page for discussing this topic:


(So far, I've only put ARFF links there.)

Karl, can you elaborate on what you think is wrong with Weka's instances implementation?


[1] <>

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