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Subject [18/62] [abbrv] mahout git commit: WEBSITE Added LastFM tutorial and screenshots
Date Fri, 05 May 2017 01:41:22 GMT
diff --git a/website/front/ b/website/front/
index 62fcfca..2283543 100755
--- a/website/front/
+++ b/website/front/
@@ -1,78 +1,5 @@
-# Jekyll-Bootstrap
+### Landing Page
-The quickest way to start and publish your Jekyll powered blog. 100% compatible with GitHub
+Stil needs a lot of work...
-## Usage
-For all usage and documentation please see: <>
-## Version
-0.3.0 - stable and versioned using [semantic versioning](
-**NOTE:** 0.3.0 introduces a new theme which is not backwards compatible in the sense it
won't _look_ like the old version.
-However, the actual API has not changed at all.
-You might want to run 0.3.0 in a branch to make sure you are ok with the theme design changes.
-## Milestones
-[0.4.0]( - next release
[ETA 03/29/2015]
-### GOALS
-* No open PRs against master branch.
-* Squash some bugs.
-* Add some new features (low-hanging fruit).
-* Establish social media presence.
-### Bugs
-|Bug |Description
-|[#86](  |&#x2611; Facebook Comments
-|[#113](|&#x2611; ASSET_PATH
w/ page & post
-|[#144](|&#x2610; BASE_PATH w/
-|[#227](|&#x2611; Redundant JB/setup
-### Features
-|Bug |Description
-|[#98](  |&#x2611; GIST Integration
-|[#244](|&#x2611; JB/file_exists
-|[#42](  |&#x2611; Sort collections
of Pages / Posts
-|[#84](  |&#x2610; Detecting production
-### TODOS
-Review existing pull requests against plusjake/jekyll-bootstrap:master. Merge or close each.
-* Create twitter account. Add link / icon on
-* Create blog posts under plusjade/gh-pages, expose on, feed to twitter
-* Announce state of project, announce roadmap(s), announce new versions as they’re released.
-## Contributing
-To contribute to the framework please make sure to checkout your branch based on `jb-development`!!
-This is very important as it allows me to accept your pull request without having to publish
a public version release.
-Small, atomic Features, bugs, etc.
-Use the `jb-development` branch but note it will likely change fast as pull requests are
-Please rebase as often as possible when working.
-Work on small, atomic features/bugs to avoid upstream commits affecting/breaking your development
-For Big Features or major API extensions/edits:
-This is the one case where I'll accept pull-requests based off the master branch.
-This allows you to work in isolation but it means I'll have to manually merge your work into
the next public release.
-Translation : it might take a bit longer so please be patient! (but sincerely thank you).
-**Jekyll-Bootstrap Documentation Website.**
-The documentation website at <> is maintained at
-## License
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/website/front/_config.yml b/website/front/_config.yml
index 735bad5..126e494 100644
--- a/website/front/_config.yml
+++ b/website/front/_config.yml
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 # For more see:
 permalink: /:categories/:year/:month/:day/:title
-exclude: [".rvmrc", ".rbenv-version", "", "Rakefile", "", "vendor",
"node_modules", "scss"]
+exclude: [".rvmrc", ".rbenv-version", "", "Rakefile", "", "vendor",
"node_modules", "scss", "screenshots"]
 #pygments: true
 highlighter: rouge
 markdown: kramdown
diff --git a/website/front/screenshots/landing.png b/website/front/screenshots/landing.png
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..734a3e8
Binary files /dev/null and b/website/front/screenshots/landing.png differ

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