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From "Mark Thomas (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Mahout > Open-Source Software Database - Volunteer Request
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 18:44:00 GMT
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Open_Source Software Database - Volunteer Request</p>

<p>06-24-12 Blog Post Duplicating Comment Left Today on mahout page.<br/>
(Again, Please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area.)<br/>
(NOTE:  Request being made directly to Oracle because their Database Search Engine has been
used previously for prior versions of this project.)</p>

<p>I'm soliciting volunteers to help with an Open-Source Software Project thats essentially
a simple database of:</p>

<p>Commercial Chemical Product(s) (CCPs)</p>

<p>&#8211; Ingredient 1: CAS #, Chemical Name, % in CCP</p>

<p>&#8211; Ingredient 2: CAS #, Chemical Name, % in CCP</p>

<p>&#8211; Ingredient 3: CAS #, Chemical Name, % in CCP</p>

<p>et. cetera to include all ingredients at or above 0.1 % in the CCP.</p>

<p>Linked tables will include tables already available from Regulatory agencies such
US EPA,<br/>
US DOT and<br/>

<p>Their tables describe what restrictions are already in effect on:</p>

<p>exposure limits<br/>
use limitations,<br/>
phaseout dates required,<br/>
storage and use reporting requirements such as:<br/>
Local Fire Departments (to meet fire safety concerns).<br/>
Community Right-To-Know (CRTK) Reporting<br/>
(e.g. to concerned citizens living nearby, or downwind)<br/>
transportation requirements and restrictions.</p>

<p>Interested please contact:<br/>
Jeff.Wheeler@SSI-Group.US (Primary address for project details)<br/>   (for short messages where quick response is desired)<br/>
(888) 377-4233, ext. 1    (24/7 messaging service)</p>

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