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Subject [CONF] Apache Mahout > Mailing Lists, IRC and Archives
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 13:38:01 GMT
Space: Apache Mahout (
Page: Mailing Lists, IRC and Archives (

Edited by Grant Ingersoll:

Communication at Mahout happens primarily online via mailing lists. We have a user as well
as a dev list for discussion. In addition there is a commit list so we are able to monitor
what happens on the wiki and in svn.

h2. Mailing lists

h3. Mahout User List

This list is for users of Mahout to ask questions, share knowledge, and discuss issues. Do
send mail to this list with usage and configuration questions and problems. Also, please send
questions to this list to verify your problem before filing issues in JIRA. 

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h3. Mahout Developer List

This is the list where participating developers of the Mahout project meet and discuss issues
concerning Mahout internals, code changes/additions, etc. Do not send mail to this list with
usage questions or configuration questions and problems. 

Discussion list: 

* [Subscribe|] -- Do not send mail to this list with
usage questions or configuration questions and problems. 
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Commit notifications: 

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h2. IRC

Mahout's IRC channel is #mahout.  It is a logged channel.  Please keep in mind that it is
for discussion purposes only and that (pseudo)decisions should be brought back to the dev@
mailing list or JIRA and other people who are not on IRC should be given time to respond before
any work is committed.

h2. Archives

h3. Official Apache Archive

* []
* []

* [Mbox Archive|]

Archives previous to becoming Apache top level project:

* []
* []

* [Mbox Archive|]

h3. External Archives

* [] - Search the entire Lucene ecosystem, including
Mahout (archives, JIRA, etc.)  Powered by Solr/Lucene.
* [MarkMail|]
* [Nabble|]
* [Gmane|]

Please note the inclusion of a link to an archive does not imply an endorsement of that company
by any of the committers of Mahout the Lucene PMC or the Apache Software Foundation. Each
archive owner is solely responsible for the contents and availability of their archive.

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