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Subject [CONF] Apache Mahout > Powered By Mahout
Date Wed, 04 May 2011 06:42:01 GMT
Space: Apache Mahout (
Page: Powered By Mahout (

Edited by Sean Owen:
Are you using Mahout to do Machine Learning?  Care to share?

*NOTE: Please add links in alphabetical order.  Links here do NOT imply endorsement by Mahout,
its committers or the Apache Software Foundation and are for informational purposes only.*

* Adobe AMP uses Mahout's clustering algorithms to increase video consumption by better user
targeting. See []
* [AOL |] use Mahout for shopping recommendations. See []
* [Booz Allen Hamilton |] uses Mahout's clustering algorithms. See
* [Buzzlogic|] uses Mahout's clustering algorithms to improve ad targeting
* [|] uses modified Mahout algorithms for content recommendations
* [Foursquare|] uses Mahout to help develop predictive analytics.
* [InfoGlutton|] uses Mahout's clustering and classification for
various consulting projects.
* !! [Kauli|], one of Japanese Adnetwork, uses Mahout's
clustering to handle clickstream data for predicting audience's interests and intents.
* !! [Mendeley|] uses Mahout internally
to test collaborative filtering algorithms and as part of their work on EU and JISC-funded
research collaborations.
* !! [Mippin|] uses Mahout's collaborative filtering
engine to recommend news feeds
* !! [NewsCred|]
uses Mahout to generate clusters of news articles and to surface the important stories of
the day
* [|] uses Mahout's collaborative filtering engine to
recommend member profiles
* [Yahoo\!|] Mail uses Mahout's Frequent Pattern Set Mining.  See []
* !! [365Media |] uses *Mahout's*
Classification and Collaborative Filtering algorithms in its Real-time system named [UPTIME|] and 365Media/Social

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