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Subject [CONF] Apache Mahout > Mahout Wiki
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 12:18:02 GMT
Space: Apache Mahout (
Page: Mahout Wiki (

Edited by Òscar Codes i Ramos:
Apache Mahout is a new Apache TLP project to create scalable, machine learning algorithms
under the Apache license. It is related to other Apache Lucene projects and integrates well
with Solr.


h2. General
[Overview] -- Mahout? What's that supposed to be?

[Quickstart] -- learn how to quickly setup Apache Mahout for your project.

[FAQ] -- Frequent questions encountered on the mailing lists.

[Developer Resources] -- overview of the Mahout development infrastructure.

[How To Contribute] -- get involved with the Mahout community.

[How To Become A Committer] -- become a member of the Mahout development community.

[Hadoop|] -- several of our implementations depend on Hadoop.

[Machine Learning Open Source Software|] -- other projects implementing
Open Source Machine Learning libraries.


h2. Community

[Who we are|Who We Are] -- who are the developers behind Apache Mahout?

[Books, Tutorials, Talks, Articles, News, etc. on Mahout|Books Tutorials and Talks]

[Issue Tracker] -- see what features people are working on, submit patches and file bugs.

[Source Code (SVN)|] -- [Fisheye|]
-- download the Mahout source code from svn.

[Mailing lists|Mailing Lists] -- links to our mailing lists and archived design and algorithm
discussions, maybe your questions was answered there already?

[Version Control] -- where we track our code.

[Powered By Mahout] -- who is using Mahout in production?

[Professional Support] -- who is offering professional support for Mahout?

[Mahout and Google Summer of Code|GSOC]  -- All you need to know about Mahout and GSoC.

[Machine Learning Resources] -- books, tutorials, talks, papers on machine learning problems.

[Glossary of commonly used terms|Glossary]

h2. Installation/Setup

[System Requirements|System Requirements] -- what do you need to run Mahout?

[Quickstart] -- get started with Mahout, run the examples and get pointers to further resources.

[Downloads] -- a list of Mahout releases.

[Download and installation|BuildingMahout] -- build Mahout from the sources.

[Mahout on Amazon's EC2 Service|Mahout on Amazon EC2] -- run Mahout on Amazon's EC2.

[Mahout on Amazon's EMR|Mahout on Elastic MapReduce] -- Run Mahout on Amazon's Elastic Map

[Integrating Mahout into an Application|MahoutIntegration] -- integrate Mahout's capabilities
in your application.

h2. Implementation Background

h3. Requirements and Design

[Matrix and Vector Needs] -- requirements for Mahout vectors.


h3. Collections and Algorithms

Learn more about [mahout-collections], containers for efficient storage of primitive-type
data and open hash tables.

Learn more about the [Algorithms] discussed and employed by Mahout.

Learn more about the [Mahout recommender implementation|Recommender Documentation].

h3. Utilities

This section describes tools that might be useful for working with Mahout.

[Creating Vectors] -- Mahout's algorithms operate on vectors. Learn more on how to generate
these from raw data.
[Viewing Result] -- How to visualize the result of your trained algorithms.

h3. Data

[Collections] -- To try out and test Mahout's algorithms you need training data. We are always
looking for new training data collections.

h3. Benchmarks

[Mahout Benchmarks]

h2. Committer's Resources

h3. Project Resources

* [Dealing with Third Party Dependencies not in Maven|Thirdparty Dependencies]
* [How To Update The Website]
* [Patch Check List]
* [How To Release|]

h3. Additional Resources

* [Apache Machine Status|] \- Check to see if SVN, other
resources are available.
* [Committer's FAQ|]
* [Apache Dev|]

h2. How To Edit This Wiki

How to edit this Wiki

This Wiki is a collaborative site, anyone can contribute and share:

* Create an account by clicking the "Login" link at the top of any page, and picking a username
and password.
* Edit any page by pressing Edit at the top of the page

There are some conventions used on the Mahout wiki:

    * {noformat}+*TODO:*+{noformat} (+*TODO:*+ ) is used to denote sections that definitely
need to be cleaned up.
    * {noformat}+*Mahout_(version)*+{noformat} (+*Mahout_0.2*+) is used to draw attention
to which version of Mahout a feature was (or will be) added to Mahout.

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