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Subject [CONF] Apache Mahout > Developer Resources
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2010 16:58:00 GMT
Space: Apache Mahout (
Page: Developer Resources (

Edited by Robin Anil:
h2. Making a Contribution

Mahout is always looking for contributions, especially in the areas of documentation. See
this Wiki for details on contributing. 

h2. Source Code

The source files are now stored using Subversion (see and

svn checkout lucene/mahout/trunk 

h2. Documentation

Javadoc documentation is available online in our code reports:

* [Core|]
* [Utils|]
* [Matrix|]
* [Examples|]
* [Taste|]

h2. Issues

All bugs, improvements, patches, etc. should be logged in [JIRA|].

h2. Continuous Integration

Mahout is built on a nightly basis on [Hudson|].

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