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Subject [CONF] Apache Mahout > Version Control
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2010 17:04:01 GMT
Space: Apache Mahout (
Page: Version Control (

Edited by Robin Anil:
The Mahout source code resides in the [Apache Subversion (SVN)|]
repository. The command-line SVN client can be obtained [here|].
The TortoiseSVN GUI client for Windows can be obtained [here|].
There are also SVN plugins available for both [Eclipse|] and [IntelliJ

There is also a [git|] repository for Mahout available [at Apache|].

h2. Web Access (read-only)

The source code can be browsed via the Web at [|].
No SVN client software is required. 

h2. Anonymous Access (read-only)

The SVN URL for anonymous users is [|].
Instructions for anonymous SVN access are here. 

h2. Committer Access (read-write)

The SVN URL for committers is [|].
Instructions for committer SVN access are [here|].

h2. Issues

All bugs, improvements, patches, etc. should be logged in [JIRA|].

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