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Subject [CONF] Apache Lucene Mahout > index
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 18:27:00 GMT
Space: Apache Lucene Mahout (
Page: index (

Edited by Benson Margulies:

h1. Apache Mahout Wiki

Apache Mahout is a new Lucene TLP project to create scalable, machine learning algorithms
under the Apache license.


h2. General







[Machine Learning Open Source Software|]

h2. Community

[Books, Tutorials, Talks, Articles, News, etc. on Mahout|BooksTutorialsTalks]


[Source Code (SVN)|] -- [Fisheye|]


[Machine Learning Resources]

[Glossary of commonly used terms|Glossary]


[Mahout and Google Summer of Code|GSOC]  -- All you need to know about Mahout and GSOC

h2. Installation/Setup


[Download and installation|BuildingMahout]

[Mahout on Amazon's EC2 Service|MahoutEC2]

[Integrating Mahout into an Application|MahoutIntegration]

h2. Design


[Matrix and Vector Needs]

h2. Algorithms

Learn more about the [Algorithms] discussed and employed by Mahout.

h2. Utilities

This section describes tools that might be useful for working with Mahout.

* [Creating Vectors]
* [Viewing Result]

h2. Collections

Learn more about [mahout-collections], containers for efficient storage of primitive-type
data and open hash tables.

h2. Data


h2. Historical Information

Project inspiration and formulation can be found at []

h2. Committer's Resources

* [Dealing with Third Party Dependencies not in Maven|ThirdPartyDependencies]
* [HowToUpdateTheWebsite]
* [PatchCheckList]
* [How To Release|]

[Apache Machine Status|] \- Check to see if SVN, other
resources are available

h3. Other Resources

* [Committer's FAQ|]
* [Apache Dev|]

h2. How To Edit This Wiki

How to edit this Wiki

This Wiki is a collaborative site, anyone can contribute and share:

* Create an account by clicking the "Login" link at the top of any page, and picking a username
and password.
* Edit any page by pressing Edit at the top of the page

There are some conventions used on the Mahout wiki:

    * {noformat}+*TODO:*+{noformat} (+*TODO:*+ ) is used to denote sections that definitely
need to be cleaned up.
    * {noformat}+*Mahout_(version)*+{noformat} (+*Mahout_0.2*+) is used to draw attention
to which version of Mahout a feature was (or will be) added to Mahout.

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