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Subject [CONF] Apache Lucene Mahout: QuickStart (page edited)
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 21:54:01 GMT
QuickStart (MAHOUT) edited by Grant Ingersoll


h1. Download and Installation

* [Download and installation|BuildingMahout]

h1. Running the Examples

Mahout runs on [Apache Hadoop |]. So, to run these examples, install
the latest compatible{footnote}When using a release, see the release notes{footnote}{footnote}When
using trunk, see _parent/pom.xml_{footnote} [Hadoop Core release |].


h2. Clustering

* [Synthetic Control Data|SyntheticControlData]

h2. Classification

* [Twenty Newsgroups|TwentyNewsgroups]
* [Wikipedia|WikipediaBayesExample]

h2. Genetic Programming

* [Watchmaker|]

h1. Where to Go Next

Go back to the [Main Wiki Page|] for more information. 

h2. Working with Text

* [Creating Vectors from Text]

h2. Clustering

* [Clustering your data|ClusteringYourData]

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