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Subject [CONF] Apache Lucene Mahout: BuildingMahout (page edited)
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 21:36:00 GMT
BuildingMahout (MAHOUT) edited by Robert Burrell Donkin


Mahout has now been released :-)

Change summary:

Mahout has now been released :-)

Change summary:

Mahout has now been released :-)

Change summary:

Mahout has now been released :-)

Change summary:

Mahout has now been released :-)


h1. Prerequisites for Building Mahout

* Java JDK *1.6*
* Maven *2.0.9* or higher (

h1. Get the Source Code

h2. Latest (Recommended)

Use [Subversion|] to check out the code:
svn co

h2. Release

[Download source |]

h1. Compiling

* change directory to the checked out directory
* mvn install 


If you are Compiling under Windows, make sure you installed Cygwin correctly. Here is a [good
tutorial|] on installing and configuring
a Hadoop cluster on Windows, and it points out at antoher great tutorial about installing
Cygwin. Here is another [good tutorial |]
for setting up Hadoop on Windows (via Cygwin) along with the corresponding Eclipse plugin
for easier Map-Reduce development and deployment. 
Also if your Windows' Account name contains spaces (for example 'my account') some of the
tests wont pass and the build will fail.
The easiest solution is to create a new Windows' Account that contains no spaces (for example
'myaccount'), and use that account when Compiling.
This will run the default targets, which builds both the core and the examples, and also packages

h2. Compile Core
* change to the core directory
* mvn compile

h2. Install Core

Note, you can do install instead of compile.

* change to the core directory
* mvn install 

h2. Compile Examples

*You must "mvn install" the core before you can build the examples.  For some reason Maven
doesn't know how to build sibling modules that are dependencies.*

* change to the examples directory
* mvn compile

h2. Compile Taste Web

* change to the taste-web directory
* Edit the value to add in your recommender class.  Make sure the recommender
class is available in the classpath (i.e. add it to the WAR that gets created)
* mvn package

h3. Adding your own Taste recommender

Now MAHOUT-110 has been committed, add your recommender JAR file into trunk/taste-web/lib
and then edit the file and set the recommender.class property to the
fully qualified name of your Recommender.

Then, doing a "mvn package" will bake your JAR file into the WAR file by adding it to WEB-INF/lib
and setting the file will automatically configure the web.xml to use

h3. Deploying Taste Web
Instructions for deploying and getting a taste of Taste Web can be found at the [documentation

h2. For Eclipse users on Mac OS X Leopard
These instructions work on  Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.6 and Eclipse 3.3.2 
# Get the [source code|#Get the Source Code]. You can use [Subclipse plugin|]
for Eclipse
# Install Maven plugin for eclipse through the update site present in [M2Eclipse|]
# JDK 1.6
Since hadoop requires jdk 1.6, Mahout also needs jdk 1.6 and you would have to make sure JRE
1.6 is added to Eclipse. 
To use JRE 1.6 for Mahout, go to Preferences --> Java --> Installed JREs --> Click
Add and specify 
## JRE type as "standard VM"
## JRE Name as "JVM 1.6" and
## JRE home directory as /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home and
click Ok
## Select this new JVM (JVM 1.6) and click Ok
# Building Mahout - Right-click on the mahout project and choose "run as" --> "maven project"

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