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Subject [CONF] Apache Lucene Mahout: BuildingMahout (page edited)
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2009 17:45:01 GMT
BuildingMahout (MAHOUT) edited by Grant Ingersoll


h1. Prerequisites for Building Mahout

* Java JDK 1.6
* Maven 2.0.9 or higher (

h1. Get the Source Code

Use [Subversion|] to check out the code:
svn co

h1. Compiling

* change directory to the checked out directory
* mvn install 

This will run the default targets, which builds both the core and the examples, and also packages

h2. Compile Core
* change to the core directory
* mvn compile

h2. Install Core

Note, you can do install instead of compile.

* change to the core directory
* mvn install 

h2. Compile Examples

*You must "mvn install" the core before you can build the examples.  For some reason Maven
doesn't know how to build sibling modules that are dependencies.*

* change to the examples directory
* mvn compile

h2. Compile Taste Web

* change to the taste-web directory
* Edit the value to add in your recommender class.  Make sure the recommender
class is available in the classpath (i.e. add it to the WAR that gets created)
* mvn package

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