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From Kasi Lakshman Karthi Anbumony <>
Subject Re: [lucy-user] Lucy Benchmarking
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2017 00:46:09 GMT
Dear Experts:

I am trying to measure the indexing and searching performance using a toy
benchmark and have few questions.

(1) Plan is to report the below metrics:

   - Index creation: tokens/second
      -  Can I know how to obtain the tokens in the lucy_index created? Do
      you think a better metric will be  (Number of terms in the posting
      list/second)? If so, how to obtain the number of terms in the
posting list?
   - Search: free-text query/second
   - Search metric is clean and clear since the toy benchmark controls the
      number of queries.

(2) What are the different query types possible?

   - vary document weighting
      - Is it possible or is it fixed for a given lucy_index generated?
   - vary number of terms
   - vary relationship of terms (e.g., proximity)
      - How to do it? Is there an operator like NEAR?
   - vary operations (e.g., AND, OR)
      - I see that the support is available for boolean query parser. Can I
      know whether for a given search instance I can have multiple boolean
      queries like below?

 if (category) {

        String *category_name = Str_newf("category");

        String *category_str  = Str_newf("%s", category);

        TermQuery *category_query

            = TermQuery_new(category_name, (Obj*)category_str);

        Vector *children = Vec_new(2);

        Vec_Push(children, (Obj*)query1);

        Vec_Push(children, (Obj*)category_query);

         query1 = (Query*)ANDQuery_new(children);

        Vector *children = Vec_new(2);

        Vec_Push(children, (Obj*)query2);

        Vec_Push(children, (Obj*)category_query);

        query2 = (Query*)ANDQuery_new(children);






On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 5:26 PM, Nick Wellnhofer <> wrote:

> On 02/02/2017 21:44, Kasi Lakshman Karthi Anbumony wrote:
>> Can I know how to build lucy and lucy-clownfish for ARM (AARCH64)?
>> I do have the ARM cross-compiler tool chain and would like to know which
>> files to change?
> Cross compiling Lucy isn't supported yet. I haven't tried to build Lucy on
> ARM myself, but we have successful test reports from CPAN Testers with
> Raspberry Pis. So, if you're feeling adventurous:
> 1. Build the Clownfish compiler normally for the host platform.
> 2. Configure the Clownfish runtime using the host compiler.
> 3. Edit the generated Makefile.
>    - Replace CC with the cross compiler.
>    - Check CFLAGS etc.
> 4. Edit the generated charmony.h file to match the target
>    platform.
>    - CHY_SIZEOF macros
>    - Endian macro
>    - Possibly other stuff
> 5. (Maybe) Run `make autogen/hierarchy.json` first and edit the
>    generated file autogen/include/cfish_platform.h to match the
>    target platform.
> 6. Run `make`. If you run into errors, adjust charmony.h or the
>    Makefile.
> 7. Make sure to make backups of Makefile, charmony.h, and
>    cfish_platform.h. These files might be recreated and you'll
>    lose your changes.
> 8. Repeat steps 2-7 for Lucy.
> Nick

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