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From "Gupta, Rajiv" <>
Subject [lucy-user] RE: LUCY_Folder_Open_Out_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c line 119
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 21:16:56 GMT
I thought since I'm doing read and write together I may be getting file error so I tried to
use FastUpdate method described here -

But now I'm more frequently getting below error. 
Error input 57 too high
20161206 150630 []  S_fibonacci at core/Lucy/Index/IndexManager.c line 129

My use case is. While my application generating multiple logs, I'm indexing them parallelly.
To achieve this I'm storing docs at multiple locations at each directory level. In a directory
there could be multiple log files so for that directory I'm having one indexer directory.
When file get closed I insert an end marker doc to indicate that indexing on that file is
done. However, sometimes same file get open multiple times with additional data. In such case
I search in existing indexing directory if there is any end marker is set, if there is end
marker then I delete that end marker, and index additional data and again insert end marker.
In this process I search as well as write at the same time. 

I started seeing these type of error only after I inserted the logic of search and deleting.
Should I catch this and retry? How many docs I should limit to commit together?

I will highly appreciate any help. 

Rajiv Gupta

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From: Gupta, Rajiv [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2016 9:47 PM
Subject: [lucy-user] LUCY_Folder_Open_Out_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c line 119

Any idea why I'm getting this error.

Error Invalid path: 'seg_9i/lextemp'
20161205 184114 [] [event_check_for_logfile_completion_in_db][FAILED at DB Query to check
logfile completion][Error Invalid path: 'seg_9i/lextemp'
20161205 184114 []  LUCY_Folder_Open_Out_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c line 119
20161205 184114 []  S_lazy_init at core/Lucy/Index/PostingListWriter.c line 92

In another log file getting different error

Error rename from '<Dir>/.lucyindex/1/schema.temp' to '<Dir> /.lucyindex/1/schema_an.json'
failed: Invalid argument
20161205 174146 []  LUCY_Schema_Write_IMP at core/Lucy/Plan/Schema.c line 429

When committing the indexer object.

In both the case I'm seeing one common pattern that time is getting skewed up in the STDOUT
log file by 5-6 hrs before starting the process on this file. In actual system time is not


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