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From "Gupta, Rajiv" <>
Subject RE: [lucy-user] LUCY_Folder_Open_Out_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c line 119
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2016 04:37:47 GMT
Can't open '/u/smoke/presub/logs/cit-fg-adr-neg-rtp.rajivg.1481473130.41339_cmode_1of1/.lucyindex/1/seg_fd/lexicon-7.ixix':
Invalid argument
20161211 182109 [] *    LUCY_FSFolder_Local_Open_FileHandle_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/FSFolder.c
line 118
20161211 182109 [] *    LUCY_Folder_Local_Open_In_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c line 101
20161211 182109 [] *    LUCY_Folder_Open_In_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c line 75

There are two more failures they also failed due so similar reasons 

rename from '/u/smoke/presub/logs/cit-fg-adr-ndo-rtp.rajivg.1481473039.49384_cmode_1of1/.lucyindex/1/schema.temp'
to '/u/smoke/presub/logs/cit-fg-adr-ndo-rtp.rajivg.1481473039.49384_cmode_1of1/.lucyindex/1/schema_e4.json'
failed: No such file or directory

Can't delete 'lexicon-3.ix'

I believe all three are related to race condition while doing parallel indexing and should
go away with retries. However my retries started failing with different error which is strange
to me as if directory already exists shouldn't it skip from create attempt. 

20161211 182109 [] * FAIL: [FAILED]: Retrying to add doc at path: /u/smoke/presub/logs/cit-fg-adr-neg-rtp.rajivg.1481473130.41339_cmode_1of1/.lucyindex/1
:  Couldn't create directory '/u/smoke/presub/logs/cit-fg-adr-neg-rtp.rajivg.1481473130.41339_cmode_1of1/.lucyindex/1':
No such file or directory
20161211 182109 [] *    LUCY_FSFolder_Initialize_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/FSFolder.c line 102

So my all retry attempts were also failed. 

Now I have put one more condition on before Index creation if directory exists or not before
retry :(

My failure rate is now 7/10. Target to achieve at least 9/10.


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From: Nick Wellnhofer [] 
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2016 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: [lucy-user] LUCY_Folder_Open_Out_IMP at core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c line 119

On 10/12/2016 17:25, Gupta, Rajiv wrote:
> Any timeline when 0.6.1 will be released?

0.6.1 is on schedule to be released in a few days.


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