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From <>
Subject [lucy-user] Perfomance issue
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2015 04:36:25 GMT

I am using Lucy to index documents that are stored in an Apache CouchDB that changes very

There is one process that runs the updates to Lucy and several processes that query the index.

I have two questions:

1.) As far as I see I have to commit and recreate the indexer every time when I have made
changes, otherwise the changes will not be seen by the other processes (or even the process
itself). On the other side, I have to destroy and recreate the SearchIndexer to see the new
documents in the index.

While searching itself takes only 10-30 ms. The process of destroy/commit and recreate takes
up to 400ms. This makes things slow.

Is there a different way to make changes visible?

2.) From time to time I have to restart the process that heavily uses the SearchIndexer. Searching
gets very slow (up 10-60 seconds, instead of milliseconds). Simply restarting the process
fixes this, so it's not an issue on how the index is organized on disk. Any idea how to track
down this?

Thanks & Regards


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