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From "Zebrowski, Zak" <>
Subject RE: [lucy-user] Indexing error message
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2014 20:22:32 GMT
Hello Edwin,
Seems like the index is trying to read something beyond the end of file.  My guess is that
it's possibly a hard drive error or full hard disk at the time the index was being created.
Good luck,

-----Original Message-----
From: Edwin Crockford [] 
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2014 3:05 PM
Subject: [lucy-user] Indexing error message

Repeatedly get errors like this:

/Can't Seek '/home/ipacs/ipacs/index/webdisk/seg_qjqo/highlight.ix' past 
EOF (8 > 0)/

Anybody have and idea what is causing this?



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