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From Nick Wellnhofer <>
Subject Re: [lucy-user] Where did the header files go?
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 12:49:17 GMT
Hi Philip,

We made two changes lately which affect C client development.

1. Clownfish is a separate product now

You have to clone the clownfish source from the new repo:

     git clone

Then you can build and install like this:

     cd clownfish/runtime/c
     ./ --prefix $lucy_prefix

Then you can build Lucy. There isn't a easy way to specify the location of 
Clownfish yet. If you installed into /usr/local, everything should work. 
Otherwise you have to set some environment variables for now:

     export PATH=$lucy_prefix/bin:$PATH
     export LIBRARY_PATH=$lucy_prefix/lib
     export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$lucy_prefix/lib
     export CLOWNFISH_INCLUDE=$lucy_prefix/share/clownfish/include

Then build and install Lucy:

     cd lucy/c
     ./ --prefix $lucy_prefix

2. The C headers aren't installed any more

We only install the command-line Clownfish compiler 'cfc' and the Clownfish 
headers now. These can be used to generate the C headers. Assuming you still 
have the environment variables from above set, you have to run:

     cfc --dest=autogen

This will create the C headers in the directory 'autogen/include'.

Hope this helps,

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