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From Kieron Taylor <>
Subject [lucy-user] Documents gone AWOL
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 13:15:03 GMT
I'm experimenting with Lucy and a bunch of bioinformatics data. 
Generally the results are pleasing, but my last effort has failed with 
certain queries returning no results. I hope someone can help me figure 
out what I'm doing wrong.

I am querying for identifiers that I know are in the source data, and I 
have every reason to believe they would have been added to the index, 
but somehow I cannot find them, even though other very similar queries 

Key details:

I'm using Search::Query::Dialect::Lucy to generate queries
Index consists of 20 segments, totalling 19 GB.
Queries are simplistic ID lookups

Queries look like:
accessions:UPI000006DAC9   <-- this one returns a result

So my questions are, do I need to do anything special to query multiple 
segments? Is Search::Query getting in the way?

Many thanks,


Kieron Taylor PhD.
Ensembl project

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