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From Philip Southam <>
Subject [lucy-user] GO (aka golang) Client Bindings for Lucy
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 03:04:39 GMT

First, thanks for making a project that gives us something with the
power of lucene in a C library. It's nice to have alternatives to
xapian, to work with.

So I've taken the last couple hours to utilize the power cgo to get the
sample/getting_started.c ported and "running" in Go. Every thing seems
to be working great, but I'm at a sticking point. How do I get the
values out of the document once it they are found? Meaning the print
statement returns something like this when the found results iterate
through the loop.

	Result 0 %!s(*main._Ctype_uint8_t=0x263c710)

Any ideas on how to get the value from the CB_Get_Ptr8 to return
something meaningful in Go?

I can provide the code or any other details if anybody needs.

Philip Southam
Chief Architect / Яeverse Эngineer

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