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From Edwin Crockford <>
Subject [lucy-user] Lucy unable to find an index file
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 09:32:51 GMT
Hi guys,

Can anyone help. I'm getting the following type of error message while 
attempting to rebuild a Lucy index:

Can't open '/home/ipacs/ipacs/index/webdisk/seg_943/lextemp': No such file or directory
         lucy_FSFolder_local_open_filehandle at /root/.local/share/.cpan/build/Lucy-0.3.2-oCiVA7/core/Lucy/Store/FSFolder.c
line 102
         lucy_Folder_local_open_in at /root/.local/share/.cpan/build/Lucy-0.3.2-oCiVA7/core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c
line 97
         lucy_Folder_open_in at /root/.local/share/.cpan/build/Lucy-0.3.2-oCiVA7/core/Lucy/Store/Folder.c
line 72
         lucy_PostPool_flip at /root/.local/share/.cpan/build/Lucy-0.3.2-oCiVA7/core/Lucy/Index/PostingPool.c
line 179

Anyone seen this before and have some ideas of what is going wrong?


Edwin Crockford

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