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From Dag Lem <>
Subject Re: [lucy-user] SearchServer / ClusterSearcher - massive performance hit
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2012 10:01:01 GMT
Marvin Humphrey <> writes:


> The libev C library is under a BSD license, which is compatible with the ALv2.
> However, the Perl EV bindings are under "the same terms as Perl itself" --
> GPL/Artistic-1 -- which ASF legal has not approved for use by Apache projects.
> So we can use the libev C library but not its Perl bindings.

My head spins. If this is the position of ASF legal, how can you even
use "Perl itself" or the core Perl modules?


> I'm not fundamentally opposed to adding libev as a bundled dependency -- at
> least it's nice and small -- but since adding it would degrade Lucy's
> portability, we should make sure that we really need it.

OK. I agree, this should probably be on the very bottom of the list of


> > I don't have any Lucy-fu (nor much time, unfortunately) to take on any
> > of the fundamental issues.
> Well, the more you give, the more you get.  :)

Or, as Linus Torvalds so eloquently put it: Talk is cheap. Show me the
code :-D

I'd love to contribute with more than handwaving, but right now I
simply don't have any personal time to spare, and there is really no
need for sharding (or even Lucy) in any of the projects I'm working
on. I've just been running some tests on Lucy so far, enough to say
that I'd use Lucy if I get the chance :-)

Best regards,

Dag Lem

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