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From Peter Karman <>
Subject Re: [lucy-user] Lucy questions wrt production, ranking, etc
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 02:24:25 GMT
goran kent wrote on 9/8/11 8:53 AM:
> Hi,
> Early-adopter here.


> Does Lucy consider the relative importance of the search terms
> themselves?  For example, searching for [a b c d] would imply that
> those terms' importance declines from left to right, with 'a' being
> the most important, etc.  I think there was a Page/Brin paper on this
> somewhere on the 'tubes.

The native query parser doesn't support this, as Marvin noted. You might look at
Search::Query::Dialect::Lucy on CPAN, as that would allow you to manipulate
query strings into Lucy objects easily, and then boost terms based on query

> Spelling suggestions
> --------------------
> I may have missed this one in the docs:  does Lucy support suggested
> spelling (a-la Google).  One could always use a dictionary, but it
> would be nice if Lucy built up a dictionary based on the terms
> encountered during indexing.

As Marvin notes, Lucy does not have this built in. You could use
Search::Tools::Spellcheck (also on CPAN) to do this though, and it would be
pretty straightforward to build a Aspell dictionary based on a Lucy lexicon, I

> Language/binding
> ----------------
> I see Perl can be used during indexing/searching, how about PHP on the
> search side?  Presumably PHP bindings (for search-related bindings at
> least) are on the horizon/done?  Not that important, just wondering.

I have on my TODO list to work on PHP host language implementation, but a C
implementation is higher on my list.

That said, I will probably write a PHP REST client for Dezi (a Solr-like project
built on top of Lucy) before either of the above, since I have $work interests
in that.

Peter Karman  .  .

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