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From arjan <>
Subject [lucy-user] index and search words separated by hyphens
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 20:45:30 GMT
Dear all,

Does anyone know how to retrieve a document by words in the document 
that are separated by hyphens?

Reason for my question is this. If I index a single document of a single 
line that contains words separated by hyphens, I can retrieve that 
document by any word, but the words separated by hyphens nor the whole 
phrase including the hyphens.

For example I index a single document with only this sentence

"please subscribe to this mailing-list"

I can retrieve this document by searching for "please" or "subscribe" or 
"please subscribe", but not by searching for "mailing-list" or "mailing" 
or "list".

It seems that the words "mailing" and "list" are treated as separate 
words, since both "mailing" and "list" can be found in the lexicon. 
However, it seems that they are somehow not connected to the document.

Any help would be appreciated, or is this a bug?

I am using Lucy-0.1.0 from CPAN.

Kind regards,Arjan Widlak

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