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From <>
Subject [lucy-dev] Field data type besides string and text
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2018 21:03:43 GMT
Lucene provides field data types as :-
TextField: Reader or String indexed for full-text search
StringField: String indexed verbatim as a single token
IntPoint: int indexed for exact/range queries.
LongPoint: long indexed for exact/range queries.
FloatPoint: float indexed for exact/range queries.
DoublePoint: double indexed for exact/range queries.
SortedDocValuesField: byte[] indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
SortedSetDocValuesField: SortedSet<byte[]> indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
NumericDocValuesField: long indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
SortedNumericDocValuesField: SortedSet<long> indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
StoredField: Stored-only value for retrieving in summary results

but in apache lucy - its just String and text . Is there any particular reason for not having
other data types.

And If I want to implement, can some one please provide me some pointers, so I can contribute
it development of this feature

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