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From Peter Karman <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] Field data type besides string and text
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2018 21:40:27 GMT wrote on 3/14/18 4:03 PM:
> Hello,
> Lucene provides field data types as :-
> TextField: Reader or String indexed for full-text search
> StringField: String indexed verbatim as a single token
> IntPoint: int indexed for exact/range queries.
> LongPoint: long indexed for exact/range queries.
> FloatPoint: float indexed for exact/range queries.
> DoublePoint: double indexed for exact/range queries.
> SortedDocValuesField: byte[] indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
> SortedSetDocValuesField: SortedSet<byte[]> indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
> NumericDocValuesField: long indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
> SortedNumericDocValuesField: SortedSet<long> indexed column-wise for sorting/faceting
> StoredField: Stored-only value for retrieving in summary results
> but in apache lucy - its just String and text . Is there any particular reason for not
having other data types.
> And If I want to implement, can some one please provide me some pointers, so I can contribute
it development of this feature

The numeric field types in Lucy have long been a present-but-undocumented 
because we've taken a pretty conservative approach to the public API.

The sorting and storing aspects of Lucene field types are present, but as 
attributes on the existing field types. See e.g.

If you wanted to implement your own field type, I expect it would depend on what 
language implementation you wanted to do it in. In Perl, you could start by 
subclassing an existing type and extending it, just as you would any other Perl 

Peter Karman  .  he/him/his  .

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