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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] Todo list for Clownfish release
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2013 03:58:21 GMT
On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 6:36 AM, Nick Wellnhofer <> wrote:

> I’d like to compile a list of things that still have to be done before we
> can release Clownfish as a separate product (and probably Lucy 0.4 in the
> process).

Great stuff, thank you for coming up with the list!

> Do you have any comments or additions?

Perhaps we might triage away these items for later?

    > * Better handling of C flags in the build process
    > * Explicit dependencies for Clownfish parcels
    > * Separate tests

I think these are more urgent:

    > * Review Clownfish API
    > * Finish Clownfish documentation

My rationale for getting the APIs reviewed is that we want them as simple and
perfected as possible before they get locked in and become costly to change
later.  The documentation is important because it makes Clownfish more
user-friendly and attractive to newcomers.

In contrast, for the other three, there is no controversy over how to resolve
them.  The C flag handling and separate tests are bugfixes.  The .cfp
dependency specification is a feature enhancement.

Another similar item I'd like to put off is fixing using dots as separators
instead of double colons.  I think everybody will hate double colons.  That's
a nice excuse to break back compat later. ;)

Here are some items I suggest we add to the TODO list:

*   Develop a plan for how we'll evolve the API after launch.  (Language Spec
    for Clownfish?  Backwards compatibility?  Avoiding bloat characteristic of
    Apache-style governance?  Clownfish Enhancement Proposals approved by the
    PMC a la Python PEPs?)
*   Develop a marketing strategy.  (Website?  Whitepaper?  Conference talks?
    Logo?  Incubator?  Who is the target market and how will we reach out?)
*   Review the lucy-dev list archives for technical concerns and open a bunch
    of tickets.
*   Clownfish Tutorial.

I'll soon be stepping down from the Incubator PMC Chair position which has
occupied a lot of my time over the last six months.  It's been intense, but
I've accomplished everything that I set out to, and it feels good to have
given back to Apache and the Incubator.  With that behind me, I'm excited to
rev up my contributions here once again!

Marvin Humphrey

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