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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] Life after graduation
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2012 06:56:01 GMT
On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Peter Karman <> wrote:
> I have completed most of the Chair tasks now. The exceptions are:
>  * Now is a good time to remove the project from the Incubator reporting schedule.
> I'm not sure how to do that. Pointers appreciated.

That means remove us from this page:

Jukka Zitting, the new Incubator chair, has already taken care of it.

>  * Add the new project to the foundation web site.
> I'm not exactly sure of all the files I need to touch. The instructions are
> clear on how to update the site, but not exactly *what* to update. Pointers
> appreciated.

That's this file:

We shouldn't update it until there is actually something to see at

> I've opened this JIRA ticket for infra to do its magic:
> Please let me know if I've missed any sub-tasks. I wasn't aware of any others.

Whew that's a long list -- I reviewed it all and we're mostly lookin' good!  A
couple things:

    * I don't see you listed in the PMC Chairs LDAP group yet, though that
      could just be a website sync issue.
    * Our issues@ list was left off the migration schedule in what was almost
      certainly a copy-paste mixup.  I left a comment which should suffice to
      rectify the situation.
    * I think we need wiki notifications to go to the new commits list.
    * Our Buildbot notifications will need to change as well to go to the new
      issues list once it's set up, but I think we can do this ourselves.
      Logan would know.
    * I added us to <>.

I also see that our newly minted Lucy PMC members should be pointed at these

FYI, I've sent a subscription request to board@a.o, and I've been subscribed
to infrastructure@a.o for a long time already (as has Logan, I believe), so
you'll have company there.

Tip: zap messages where any "To" field contains infrastructure-cvs@a.o
that don't also contain a "To" field bound for infrastructure@a.o, so that you
see replies to commit messages but not the originals.  The infrastructure team
sends their commit messages to the discussion list -- it's a lot of noise until
you set up a filter.

Marvin Humphrey

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