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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject [lucy-dev] CFC's Model-View-Presenter architecture
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 01:03:29 GMT

Logan and I were discussing on IRC that CFC roughly follows a
Model-View-Presenter design pattern[1].

  * The parser reads in the source code files and builds a model of the class
  * The "Core" view traverses the model and generates per-class C header
    files [plus some stuff].
  * The "Perl" view traverses the model and generates Lucy.xs, "typemap",
    etc. -- which contain per-class binding code [plus some stuff].

To reflect this architecture, I think it makes sense to do a slight
reorganization of the CFC class hierarchy.

Everything that is used to model the class hierarchy moves under

  Clownfish::CFC::Class       -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Class
  Clownfish::CFC::CBlock      -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::CBlock
  Clownfish::CFC::DocuComment -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::DocuComment
  Clownfish::CFC::File        -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::File
  Clownfish::CFC::Function    -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Function
  Clownfish::CFC::Hierarchy   -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Hierarchy
  Clownfish::CFC::Method      -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Method
  Clownfish::CFC::ParamList   -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::ParamList
  Clownfish::CFC::Parcel      -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Parcel
  Clownfish::CFC::Symbol      -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Symbol
  Clownfish::CFC::Type        -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Type
  Clownfish::CFC::Variable    -> Clownfish::CFC::Model::Variable

Then, "Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl" gets renamed to
"Clownfish::CFC::View::Perl" and "Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Core" gets renamed
to "Clownfish::CFC::View::Core":

  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl              -> Clownfish::CFC::View::Perl
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl::Class       ->
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl::Constructor ->
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl::Method      ->
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl::Pod         -> Clownfish::CFC::View::Perl::Pod
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl::Subroutine  ->
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Perl::TypeMap     ->

  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Core           -> Clownfish::CFC::View::Core
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Core::Class    -> Clownfish::CFC::View::Core::Class
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Core::Aliases  -> Clownfish::CFC::View::Core::Aliases
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Core::File     -> Clownfish::CFC::View::Core::File
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Core::Function ->
  Clownfish::CFC::Binding::Core::Method   -> Clownfish::CFC::View::Core::Method

The punchline:

  To add a new host language to Clownfish, write a new View for CFC.

I hope that helps to clarify both how CFC is organized and what it takes to
contribute a new host language.

Marvin Humphrey

[1] CFC is clearly Model-View, but it's not MVC (because it's not
    interactive, so there aren't any Controllers).  "Presenter" is kinda sorta

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