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From "David E. Wheeler" <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] Failed: PAUSE indexer report KARMAN/Lucy-0.3.0.tar.gz
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2012 06:26:13 GMT

On Mar 3, 2012, at 5:08 PM, Marvin Humphrey wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 03, 2012 at 01:23:22PM -0800, David E. Wheeler wrote:
>>> I can probably give it a little time this weekend.
>> Okay, either SVN is down or I just don’t remember my password.
> Maybe this helps:
>    The password used for subversion is the same as the password you use for
>    access to You will not be prompted to enter it
>    frequently.  This makes it is easy to forget.
>    ...
>    If you do forget your password please visit to
>    reset it.

I could find no place to log in to, which was annoying. But no, the problem
was that I was on my work computer, and it did not have a copy of my password, nor my ~/.subversion/config.
I have now logged in to and should have the password on all my systems.

> Looks great!  I have only a couple minor observations.  +1 to commit as is and
> deal with the quirks later.
> FWIW, the .pm files under perl/buildlib/ and perl/sample/ touched by this
> commit do not get installed:
> It doesn't do any harm to add version numbers to them; in the case of the
> sample documents, I can actually see the advantage in doing so, as a user who
> starts from one of those files as a point of departure will be able to go back
> and see where they started from.  The stuff in buildlib/ doesn't need version
> numbers, but I suppose it makes your patch to devel/bin/update_version a
> little simpler if you can just point it at "every .pm file under perl/".

Yep. Laziness++. I say leave it as is.

> The other thing is that META.json and META.yml got added to perl/MANIFEST, but
> not committed.
> I'm happy they weren't committed, so I hope that wasn't an oversight. :)

It was an oversight to commit them to MANIFEST. I kept reverting it, but I guess I forgot
for that last commit.

> But
> it would be nice if they weren't in MANIFEST, either, so that we don't get a
> warning that they're missing when somebody runs `perl Build.PL`.  (See the
> other post I just sent about removing *everything* from MANIFEST.)

Just nuke the whole bloody file, I say.

> I made a clone of your Github "versions" branch and was able to perform both
> actions without problems.

Ah, great.

> The only thing that's weird is that ACTION_dist currently unlinks META.yml but
> not META.json.  (Naturally, my preference would be to have META.json get
> zapped as well.  The rationale for deleting them is the same as with MANIFEST;
> it's a PITA to keep them up to date because we add and delete files so often
> as part of our workflow.)

I can fix that. Though I think better would be to add them to an ignores property.

> I would suggest performing a `./Build realclean` if you're having problems.

I always do that.

> Note that `./Build dist` is fragile; it is only really meant to be performed
> on an expanded official Lucy release tarball, though it will also work on a
> clean checkout.  Because `./Build dist` has to create MANIFEST on the fly, if
> you have any extra files lying around, they will get added to the release!

Yeah, there was a bunch of clownfish and charmonizer stuff. Perhaps more should be added to
MANIFEST.SKIP? That would keep it out of the distribution.

> PS: Thanks for the idea of using backticks to quote commands in an email!

Standard Markdown syntax. :-)



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