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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] problem with clutch related to svn auth?
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 19:09:11 GMT

: The Incubator is going to need an alternative to asf-authorization-template
: eventually if more projects follow our lead and allow all committers access.

not neccessarily ... as i understand it there is a diff between having a 
*group* defined, and using htat group to say who can/can't edit a dir.

saying that @committers gets rw access to /lucy is one thing, but that 
doesn't explain why the entire @lucy group was deleted.  I may be wrong, 
but my undertanding is that those groups are the official record of who 
the "committers" are, even if the project opens committ access up to more 
then just hte committers they vote in.

It's also not just about the clutch ... as i mentioned, the public list of 
all committers doesn't even know lucy exists...

: privileges.  If we go back and mod it now, all that does is put off the day
: that the Incubator has to solve this problem for real by establishing a better
: central repository for this data.  We'd also be backsliding on Roy's request
: to the Incubator to get everyone in one group and lighten the burden on Infra.
: I appreciate the audit from Hoss, but I think we should leave this one alone.

If you say so ... at the very least though it seems like this is something 
that should be brought up with general@incubator or infra@ to point out 
the gap between how the various tools seem to currenty work, and the goal 
of getting incubator projects (and more projects in general) to open up 
commit access to @committers.

If Lucy is going to lead the way on being open to commits, that involves 
the Lucy (P)PMC helping to shape how that affects @incubator and @apache 
as a whole.


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