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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] problem with clutch related to svn auth?
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2012 18:50:33 GMT
On Sat, Jan 07, 2012 at 09:57:52AM -0800, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> On Jan 6, 2012, at 11:09 AM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> > [...snip...]
> > If you say so ... at the very least though it seems like this is something 
> > that should be brought up with general@incubator or infra@ to point out 
> > the gap between how the various tools seem to currenty work, and the goal 
> > of getting incubator projects (and more projects in general) to open up 
> > commit access to @committers.
> Sure, I agree with this, Hoss. Joe S. -- do you know how we get the 
> site to show the Lucy committers? I seem to remember
> it having something to do with the doap RDF file and with our FOAF RDF
> files, but am not positive there?

The information can be had from the XML source for our project page, which I
believe the clutch tool is already parsing.

Marvin Humphrey

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