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From Peter Karman <>
Subject [lucy-dev] RM feedback
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2011 03:15:12 GMT
In general wearing the RM hat has been painless, thanks to the tool. Thanks for that, Marvin.

Some things I had to hunt around for during the actual release process follow.

* this step from the output is wrong:

# Update the issue tracker.
# While logged into JIRA, visit the following web page. (Note: this
# permalink may or may not work.  Please let the dev list know one
# way or the other.)  Click the "release" link for 0.2.2 and
# input the date from the CHANGES file.

I am "letting the dev list know" in this email.

I ended up finding the right place to update the release version by going to:
and clicking around.

* updating the i.a.o/lucy/download.html page took some hunting. I never found a
clear one-page summary of how to do it. What I did was:

 * svn co
 * edit site/trunk/content/lucy/download.mdtext
 * svn commit download.mdtext
 * wait for buildbot email to indicate staging was updated
 * svn co prod-site
 * svn co stage-site
 * cp stage-site/trunk/content/lucy/download.html prod-site/content/lucy
 * svn commit prod-site/content/lucy/download.html

Hope that helps the next person.

Peter Karman  .  .

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