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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] All dependency licensing issues resolved
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2011 01:30:24 GMT
> A volunteer for an additional host binding language could begin work at any
> time.  Alternatively, you can wait while we continue the process of
> restructuring and refactoring with the goal of making binding easier.
> It's my understanding that all of our prospective ObjC volunteers have decided
> to lurk until they don't have to read/write any Perl to achieve their
> objectives, and therefore they are still blocked by
> <>, "Port Clownfish compiler to
> C".  Nevertheless, the Flex/Lemon parser was a subtask of LUCY-142 which just
> happened to kill multiple birds with one stone :) -- so we are making
> progress.

Cool. Thanks for the update!

>  Development resources continue to be directed towards porting
> rather than other goals such as speed or search-related features.
> After LUCY-142, other plans include...
>  * Have Charmonizer generate a monolithic C file.
>  * Move everything under trunk/core/Lucy/Object under clownfish/.  This
>    will allow a porter to write bindings for only a dozen or so classes
>    before having to tackle bindings for all of Lucy.
>  * Add a language other than ObjC, probably Tcl.

Tcl? Not saying that ObjC is the first choice but wouldn't be
something more... hm.. how do I say it... :)

...wouldn't be python or ruby attracting a couple of more folks?

> Each item we check off from that list represents an opportunity to jump in and
> get started.

Naaa, I will also wait until the port is semi-finished (sorry, not a perl guy :)

> Lucy is easy to use.  It is not yet easy to hack on, but we know how to change
> that and in time we will succeed.

Looking forward to it!


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