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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject [lucy-dev] Reminder: keep the project status file up to date
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 03:29:50 GMT

Looking over the official project status page...

...there are a few boxes that i'm pretty sure we should be able to fill in 

* Nathan's committer id
* mailing list and svn module created under incubator namespace - DONE
* "Migrate the project to our infrastructure" - DONE
* "Verify distribution rights" (i think that all got cleared up, didn't it?)

In the category of things that aren't boxes...

* need to make sure the "Incubation status reports" section is kept 
up to date every time a board report is filed (looks like the link to 
the latest one is missing)

* the "Project specific" section is there for a reason.  If there is 
anything folks think Lucy absolutely needs to do before being considered 
for graduation, that's not already listed elsewhere on the status page, it 
should be in that section (or if nothing else: there should be a link 
there to a wiki page -- or jira "tag" search -- enumrating these things)

* don't be shy about listing line items in the "News" section as big 
milestones are reached

It's easy to forget about this status page because it's not in the 
"lucy/trunk" svn checkout, but it's important to try and remember because 
this is the primary starting page for people to find out about the project 
-- from a being discovered by new developers standpoint as well as a "how 
is this incubator project maturing" standpoint


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