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From Peter Karman <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] Downstream release guides
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2010 02:43:24 GMT
Marvin Humphrey wrote on 12/19/10 9:37 PM:

> For the Perl host, how about stuffing this info into
> trunk/perl/buildlib/Lucy/ as POD?  The "dist" target defined in
> will be integral to this enterprise, after all.  And for Python,
> somewhere in, for Ruby somewhere in the Rakefile, etc.

that seems sane. Having it close at hand when building is mostly key for me.

> Dev docs can always be moved elsewhere, so we're not making an important
> decision.


>>> On a side note, I'm a little uneasy about putting so much effort into these
>>> wiki pages when we haven't got them locked down so that only people with CLAs
>>> on file can contribute.  It would be nice to get this material Apache licensed
>>> and IP tracked so that we can include it, in whole or in part, with a
>>> distribution.  Maybe we should revisit MoinMoin ACLs?
>> What precedents are there for distributing wiki docs with source?
> Once there's a contribution to a wiki doc that's not IP clean, it can't be
> licensed to the ASF and therefore is no longer a candidate for future
> distribution.  By bringing these docs into the Subversion repository, our CLAs
> would kick in, so that's one option.  Alternately, we can lock down the wiki,
> or parts of it, so that only individuals on an approved list (all of whom
> would have CLAs on file) can contribute to certain pages.

That preemptive move seems sane.

> MoinMoin supports access control, and we discussed how to do this a while
> back.  Since then, it was discussed on the infrastructure@ list, in the
> context of preventing wikispam.  If we want to have an access control on the
> Lucy wiki, it's feasible.

I've not used MoinMoin so don't have an opinion there. But access control seems
like a Good Thing in general, particularly to avoid spam cleanup and prevent IP
issues if we did ever want to distribute docs with source.

Peter Karman  .  .

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