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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject [lucy-dev] Miscellaneous API changes (Searcher, HeatMap, etc)
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 00:19:15 GMT

I expect to commit a few changes to the public API in a bit, and wanted to
document the rationales and open an opportunity for discussion.

First, there are four methods and one constructor which should have been
officially exposed a while ago; we'll correct the oversight and make them


Second, Searcher_Fetch_Doc() will be changed to return a HitDoc rather than an
Obj.  I'm also going to remove the "score" and "offset" parameters, leaving
only "doc_id".  Since this brings the argument count down to one, the Perl
bindings will now use a single positional arg instead of labeled params.

    # Before:
    my $doc = $searcher->fetch_doc( doc_id => $doc_id );

    # After:
    my $doc = $searcher->fetch_doc($doc_id);

Similarly, DocReader_Fetch(), which takes three params and returns an Obj, will
be replaced by DocReader_Fetch_Doc(), which takes only a doc_id and returns a

These Fetch_Doc() changes close the book on an unsuccessful experiment:
allowing the Fetch_Doc() stack to return arbitrary objects.  It was this
ill-advised flexibility which necessitated the addition of parameters to
Fetch_Doc(); we'll be returning to the Lucene model for fetching documents,
which is simpler for doing simple things, yet still makes hard things possible:

    # Before ($doc can be an arbitrary object):
    my $doc = $searcher->fetch_doc(
        doc_id => $doc_id,
        offset => $offset,
        score  => $score,

    # After ($doc isa HitDoc):
    my $doc = $searcher->fetch_doc($doc_id - $offset);

Lastly, I'm going to redact HeatMap (used by Highlighter) as a public class.
It's not complete or polished enough to do what it sets out to do right now.
We need to think its interface through a little more.

Marvin Humphrey

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