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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for August 2010 (
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 06:34:31 GMT

: > If you are in the 'incubator' group on people.a.o, you'll be able to do an
: > svn up on the relevant directory to 'publish' when you've changed the source
: I couldn't publish, so it seems I'm not in the 'incubator' group and I'll need
: to ask.  
: We're going to get accounts for Peter and Nate any day now, though, I expect.
: Nate's probably going to be too busy in the near term to update the website,
: but I'd like Peter to get this karma, too.  I hate going back to Infra with

Grr.... i'm pretty sure that since the new account requests are under the 
auspicus of the Incubator PMC that nate and peter will automaticly be in 
the incubator group ... for some reason i forgot about unix groups before 
(and was only thinking in terms of svn karma) otherwise i would have 
already requested the incubator group access for you and simon.

holding off on requesting it until name and peter's accounts come in so we 
can do it all at once (just in case) is fair ... in theory those accounts 
should have already been made.  i inquired on #asfinfra last week and joe 
said they were on his queue and were possibly going to happen that night 
... i kind of figured even worst case scenerio of a bunch of shit blowing 
up it would happen over the weekend, but now i have no idea again.

In the meantime: don't be shy to update the project file or create a 
page for hte website -- just send a ping email and i'll happily "svn up" 
for you on people.a.o every hour all day long (assuming i'm online).


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