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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucy JIRA perms/Admin
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2010 18:58:03 GMT

: As of this moment I'm still the only person with "Project Role:
: Administrators".  I'm not sure how that permission is normally handed out, but
: I seem to recall that not all Lucene committers have the same level of JIRA
: karma.  Anybody know what the deal is with that?

I don't know that anyone has ever thought through exactly how all the 
roles are suppose to work -- i think think it's just been done kind of 
hodge podge out of ignorance/laziness.  if someone asked for admin access, 
and wree on the PMC they got it (for example: in Solr's case, 
the "PMC" group isn't even used, and anyone on the PMC who asked to be 
added to the "Admin" group to tweak the components/versions was -- if you 
dind't ask, no one bothered)

In general I don't think there are any set guidelines on how the Jira 
Roles are used (they are totally independent of LDAP and SVN perms) 
so the Lucy project can decide for itself -- but for now would just make 
sure you aren't the only one with any permisions/role.  You want at least 
2 other people to be able to do aything you can do, so if you get hit by a 
bus, while personB is on vacation, personC can still keep the project 


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